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Sushi W - Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sushi W charge a cancellation fee if I cannot make my reservation?

Yes. Due to our very limited number of seats available, we want to make reservations available to as many customers as possible. As such, we ask that you let us know at least 12 hours in advance if your party of 5 people or more cannot make it to their reservation. If not, a $20 cancellation fee will be applied to each member that does not arrive. If your party is 4 people or less, please let us know at least 2 hours in advance, or the cancellation fee still applies. Please understand that maintaining a full restaurant is what allows us to sustain our affordable prices. 


Can I bring my children to Sushi W?

Yes. Children are permitted to dine at Sushi W, however we require any and all patrons who are taking a seat at the sushi bar to order at least one omakase set. If your child does not eat sushi, another member of your party may have their pieces.


Are walk-ins available at Sushi W?

Due to our limited seating, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance through our booking site Resy. While walk-ins are sometimes available, they are infrequent and we cannot guarantee a seat for walk-in customers. 


I am pregnant. Can I eat at Sushi W?

Sushi W’s omakase menus mainly consist of raw fish, including raw tuna and salmon. It is up to your own discretion if you would like to eat at Sushi W, however we are unfortunately unable to make substitutions for all of the raw pieces. 


I have a shellfish allergy. Can I eat at Sushi W?

Yes! Our talented chefs are able to accommodate patrons with shellfish allergies, please just let us know upon arrival so we can ensure these substitutions. It is important to note however that all of our cooking and serving materials are subject to contamination as we work with shellfish daily. 


I follow a Kosher diet. Can I eat at Sushi W?

Yes! Similar to our shellfish policy, we can make substitutions for a Kosher diet. Please let us know upon arrival what you can and cannot eat. Potential for contamination still applies. 


I am gluten free. Can I eat at Sushi W?

The soy sauce that we use contains gluten, however we do offer a gluten-free soy sauce option (tamari) that you may use on the side! Please let our chefs know upon arrival that you would not like our soy sauce on your pieces. However, there is potential for gluten contamination through our cooking and serving materials; please eat at your own discretion. 


I am vegetarian. Can I eat at Sushi W?

Unfortunately, all of our omakase sets feature solely fish and meat courses that are unable to be substituted with a vegetarian option. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


Does Sushi W charge a corkage fee?

Yes. As we now serve alcohol options including sake and beer, we charge a corkage fee of $25 for each bottle that you may bring in.


Does Sushi W offer gift cards?

Unfortunately as of right now we do not offer gift cards, however this is something we hope to implement in the future!

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