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Open Table Seats for 1.5 Hour Dinner Sessions at UES Location during Weekdays

We will open 6 table seats for 1.5 hour dinner sessions (6:30pm & 8pm) at UES location during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) starting from November 13 to accommodate more customers during peak dinner hours. Please book the seats through our website or Resy!

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Founded in 2021, Sushi W is an Omakase sushi bar, offering 1-hour Omakase-style courses.  We are working to revolutionize the way people experience and enjoy authentic Omakase-style sushi in an affordable manner.  We take pride in our ability to optimize the pure taste of the fish sourced locally & globally and share it with New York City. Join us.


Omakase is a Japanese phrase, meaning "I leave it up to you". It is a traditional Japanese tasting menu, carefully curated by the chef based on the best ingredients of the season. Each piece of sushi is handcrafted in front of the diner one-by-one, allowing diners to eat each piece at its freshest point while witnessing the art of sushi-making firsthand. Our menu items are subject to change based on the chef's choice, and each Omakase session proceeds for one hour.


Sushi W - UWS

2673 Broadway, New York, NY 10015
917-318-9739 (texting only)

Sushi W - UES

1513 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10029
609-629-9730 (texting only)



Dine in only: each Omakase session is 1 hour

Open 7 Days a week

Starting Time:

Lunch: 12 PM, 1 PM 

Dinner: 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM (Table Seats at UES: 6:30 PM, 8 PM Monday to Thursday / 1.5 hour session each)

*Can walk in as early as 60 min before reservation time to enjoy Sake, Beer & Wine (except 12 PM & 5 PM sessions)​​


*For reservation related matters, please directly contact  the location through texts

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